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Ocean view with blue sky and clouds

From Our Clients

"Suzanne we had a great time in Hawaii! The whole experience was amazing! You did a great job with the hotels! Enjoyed going around the island like that! The weather had to be the highlight of the trip, it was so nice to enjoy the warm sunshine each day! That last hotel was exceptional nice we liked that resort so much! It was just beautiful! The beach there was really nice we enjoyed swimming in the ocean there! The people there are so friendly! Everything went really good and we truly enjoyed our trip! Thank you so much." 

- Tom and Janie

ps back to snow

Words cannot fully describe the amazing experiences we had in Hawaii! Thank you for making this trip so exceptionally wonderful for our family! It can be difficult to please all 8 of us but far exceeded our expectations! Mahalo for your hard work, patience and perseverance!"

- Jessica N.

"Thank you for the wonderful Alaska tour! We had the best time celebrating our honeymoon with everyone. It really was absolutely great and such a perfect tour in that we got to see so much that we never thought we would see in our lifetime."

- Jenna and Alex

"Suzanne - thank you for all of your work and for making our cruise a most memorable and enjoyable trip! We truly appreciate all of the extra effort you put in for us!"

- Clair and Tedica

My husband and I decided to take a trip to celebrate that I had put my cancer into remission.  We chose Hawaii and had only 2 requirements...Volcanos and snorkeling.   Suzanne put together an unforgetable trip to the Big Island.  We stayed at 3 different locations and saw 3 very different areas of the island.  We stayed in a condo on the beach, a bed and breakfast with a waterfall in the lush rainforest area, and a resort on the beach.  She has personal connections to Hawaii, so she knows so much about Hawaii.  Suzanne will be the one we call to plan all of our vacations! Tina and John B.

"Our trip to Alaska was a long awaited dream. We had planned to go in 2020, then the pandemic came along! Suzanne was able to keep us in the planning and we were able to go in 2021. We started off in Fairbanks and traveled down the state through Denali National Park and ended up in Anchorage after an overnight in Seward. The entire trip was fantastic and left us wanting more.

In Fairbanks we Stayed in one of the most beautiful lodges we had ever seen, the Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. The next day we had an enjoyable ride on the Tanana and Chene Rivers, and were able to tour an authentic Athabaskan Indian village, watched how Susan Butcher’s dogs were trained, no wonder they won the Iditarod 4 out 5 years!

In Denali we took a rugged trail ride through the park, and were able to see several wild animals that Alaska is known for. The Grizzly, a large male, and later a sow and her cub were feeding , getting ready for the long winter ahead. We saw 2 moose in different areas, one even crossed the road in front the car ahead of us. There were dhal sheep being scared up by caribou. Our driver was able to get very good closeups of the animals for us on his camera and we were able to see them on the video screens located throughout the bus. Very informative. The scenery at Talkeetna was breath taking. What a view! We still weren’t able to see the
elusive Denali, but I had caught her when we were flying in to Fairbanks.

In Seward we went out on a catamaran to cruise the Kenai Fjords. It was pretty rough that day and we turned back early, but not before catching a sighting of a whale pod! The Islands that we passed created a beautiful seascape complete with cascading waterfalls. I wished that we could have gone on but it wasn’t meant to be. Safety first.

Finally we were winding down our trip in Anchorage. It was supposed to rain again that day, so we opted to stay in town and see the sights via the trolley. We took the 90 minute tour and were entertained and informed by a great hostess, I think her name was Alice. She gave us opportunities to get out and explore parts of the area and gave us a rundown of what happened that fatal Good Friday of 1964, the earthquake. That event, you could tell, shaped the area forever. A hardy bunch, those Alaskans! While there, we were able to seek out a couple of local businesses, a fabric store and a yarn shop. I bought a small hank of qiviut yarn, (I can’t wait to knit it up!) and some fabrics designed by local artists. I will be able to wear my Alaskan Jacket this winter.

There’s so much more I could tell about out trip, the train rides, the scenery, the bus trip through the area that was burned a few years ago with the fields of fireweed blooming, it was an experience that we were so happy to finally be able to take. I don’t know if I will ever be able to go again, but if I do, Alaska is certainly one of the places of which I would do a repeat ."

- Jane A.

Alaskan Mountains

[ Photo: Mt. Denali in Portage, Alaska ]

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